Playground Update: August 2018

Over the summer the PTA has continued to work on revitalizing the outdoor space at Hopkins Hill. We submitted a concept plan proposal to the superintendent, building & grounds; and presented to the school committee. (See the proposal here). Our vision for the outdoor space consists of 4 main areas:

  • a field
  • outdoor classroom
  • natural playscape
  • trees/shrubs

The concept plan has received support from the superintendent and the school committee. Additionally, in conjunction with the RI Tree Council, we are working on tree planting day for this fall. However, in order to move forward with the natural playscape portion of the revitalization, the school’s insurance carrier requires construction level plans. We are currently working with the superintendent to determine exactly what the insurance company needs so that we may proceed on that front.

chain daylight fun outdoors

We have also ordered new swings which should be installed soon!

Lastly, the playground committee is always looking for more volunteers, whether it be helping with the color run or working with the tree council. Please email me if you would like to help!

Karen Haskell:


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