Become a PTA Member!

One way to become involved in your child’s school is to become part of the PTA. How can you start? Here are just a few ways you can contribute and help us support all of the children at Hopkins Hill.

  • Become a member of the PTA! This just shows that you support what we do. It is not an obligation to attend meetings or events. The cost is $6 for one person and $11 for a family membership.
  • Collect Box  Tops! The Box Tops program gives money tot he PTA for the number of Box Tops we collect. If you see a Box Top, clip it, and put it in an envelope. Then send it into school!
  • Join the Stop and Shop A+ Rewards program. You register online and choose Hopkins Hill as your school. The more you shop, the more we earn!
  • Join Amazon Smile and choose Hopkins Hill as your charity! You can do this with your regular account or Amazon Prime. We earn cash every time you order through Amazon.
  • Attend monthly meetings. We have them once a month and are less than an hour. Children are welcome to come. How could they not? That is the reason we are all here, for the children!
  • Be willing to volunteer at family events. The PTA can’t do anything without parents willing to volunteer their time at events.

The PTA programs provide  high quality assemblies for our children and enable us to provide funds to our library, raise money for a new playground, host family events, and teacher sponsored events!

To become a member, please complete the form below and submit payment here:

To pay for a single PTA membership:       paypal button

To pay for a family PTA Membership:       paypal button